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Semi Permanent Brows


Microblading First Treatment


Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup on the eyebrow area which leaves the clients eyebrows looking defined without the use of makeup. To achieve this, a thin micro blade etches brush stroke lines matching the direction of the natural hairs using a semi permanent pigment. This treatment takes away the need for eyebrow pencils and pomade, leaving you with an effortless routine and 'no makeup makeup look'. The shape and colour can be chosen to the clients liking and discussed with the practitioner to find the perfect shape and colour to suit the clients face and eye shape. Microblading allows the brows to look full and defined, but still with a natural look - so it is perfect for clients that would like to benefit from effortless eyebrows that don't need makeup or too much attention. The results of microblading last 12-18 months, depending on the clients skin type.

Top Up 4-6 weeks


After the 4-6 week healing period, a top up is required to go over any spares areas or any areas that may need some extra microblading. This ensures the pigment is even on the brows and also helps to increase the longevity of the treatments results by preventing the pigment from fading.


Top Up 12-18 months


The longevity of the Microblading treatment depends on your skin type - if the skin is oilier, the treatment should normally last about 12 months, if the skin is normal it should last about 18 months. At this time mark, a top up is needed to prevent the pigment from fading and to maintain the full look of the treatment. 

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