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Aqua Glow

The aqua glow is an eight step treatment designed to deeply cleanse, brighten, tighten and illuminate the skin. This relaxing treatment uses a 360 approach to skin health working on all aspects of epidermis and dermis. 

Aqua Glow improves:
* Skin laxity and firmness
* Acneic skin issues
* Blackhead reduction
* Smoothens out the skin
* Brightens the skin instantly
* Evens out the skin tone
* Oily and congested skin
* Improves overall skin clarity
* Reduced puffiness
* Collagen enhancing
* Dark eye circles
* Textural imperfections
* Moisturises dehydrated skin
* Gives dull skin a radiant glow
* Exfoliates build up of dead skin cells
* Softens and smooths rough skin

Aqua Glow Hydrodermabrasion Facial £120

The facial includes, hydrodermabrasion for a deep cleanse, blackhead extraction using ultrasonic waves, LED light therapy, under eye brightening, Jaw sculpting and tightening, Cyro cool therapy, collagen boost and anti inflammation therapy. This 8in1 treatment is sure to cover all your skin concerns for even the most sensitive skin.


Aqua Natal £80

Keep your skin glowing even while pregnant with our adapted version of the Aqua Glow Facial. 


Aqua Acne Back Treatment £60

The treatment will start with a deep, double cleanse of the back, followed by hydrodermabrasion to exfoliate the area. Blackheads will be removed and LED light used. Ultrasonic collagen boost wand will help push in specifically used serums and creams to hydrate. The Aqua glow back treatment will conclude with a spritz of oxytocin's-jet nano infusion to lock in moisture. 

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Let's Work Together

Many of our treatments can be adapted to suit each individual and their needs. Please do contact us for any information or queries with any service we offer. 

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