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LED Light Therapy

The Lumineo device incorporates LED wavelengths that penetrate into the skin, accelerating wound healing, boosting collagen, evening our skin tone, reducing breakouts and much more! It is a pain free and relaxing treatment that can help to reduce the downtime of advanced aesthetic treatments.


The device has 7 modes for face and body treatments, therefore allowing a variety of LED light therapy treatments.


As well as standalone treatments, the device can also be incorporated into other treatments such as chemical peels, micro needling, medical procedures, derma planing, cool sculpting and radiofrequency.

LED Light Therapy Facial - £45

With a wide variety of different wavelengths, our LED light is the perfect solution to any skin concern. Our facial includes a cleanse, exfoliation and finishing products.

Treatment Time: 45mins


LED Light Therapy Deluxe Facial - £70

Our deluxe LED facial has added benefits of a luxury mask and massage. 

Treatment Time: 60mins


LED Light Therapy add on - £25

LED light therapy can be added on to existing treatments such as our Timexpert facials, chemical peels and skin needling. 

Treatment Time: 15mins


Let's Work Together

Many of our treatments can be adapted to suit each individual and their needs. Please do contact us for any information or queries with any service we offer. 

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