New Brows: £299 (2 appointments)
Colour Boost: £149

Eyebrows Eyeliner Lips


Eyebrows frame the face and whether you have lost yours due to illness, age or just over plucking Kelly can give you a new look by tatooing eyebrows on !

Semi-permanant make-up or micropigmentation is a safe,effective and time proven method of restoring a natural appearance after eyebrow hair loss. The Hair stroke method involves the precise drawing of individual hair strokes to mimic a natural brow. It requires much skill, training and patience to do.
A wide selection of natural colours are available and the shape of the eyebrow is drawn to the client's liking.
The treatment proceeds only after the client is completely happy with the colour and shape selection.
The treatment itself is a very exact, careful process and can take approx 2 -2.5 hours.
Your treatment will need a top up approx 4-6 weeks later.

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a border applied to the outline of the lips to give them definition and enhance natural features such as the "Cupids Bow".
The exact shape is drawn with make up first and only when you are completely happy with the shape and colour is the semi-permanant lip liner applied.
Semi-permanant lip liner is ideal for clients with age or smoking related peri-oral lines into which lipstick can "bleed" causing blurring and smudging of the lip border.
Clients with loss of the vermillion border (edge where the pink of the lips joins the surrounding skin) due to trauma, repeated cold sores or natural asymmetry benefit greatly from lip liner which restores this most visible and cosmetic feature of the face.
If you do suffer with cold sores you are advised to seek doctors advice two weeks prior for precautionary measures.


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