Salt Of The Earth Luxury Nail Treatment

Every Salt of the Earth product is individualized to create the most luxurious experience possible for each client. From quick & easy blending of fresh ingredients, picked personally by you. Salt of the Earth allows clients to escape into a soothing, aromatic experience each and every time.
The Blend Box brings customization to the treatment level. We mix up scrubs, creams, and lotions to your favorite scent, each with a shot of thermal powder, hyaluronic acid, or anti-aging serum. The treatment also includes heated boots/mitts and a 20 minute luxury massage.

Luxury Manicure £35
Luxury Pedicure £40

Mini Manicure £20
Manicure £26
Mens Manicure £20
Shape and Paint £15

Personalized Pedicure £35
Footlogix offers fast effective footcare treatment using the latest patented professional endorsed technology for general foot problems such as dry cracked feet, dry skin, hard rough skin & cracked heels.

Artistic Gel Polish
Get the must-have 14 day manicure! A UV gel polish formula holds the secret to long lasting shine. There's no chipping, no smudging, no kidding! When it's time to change colours, the gel soaks off in just 10 minutes. It's that easy!

Mini Gel Manicure £25
Gel Manicure £30
Mini Gel Pedicure £28
Gel Pedicure £38
Gel Shape & Paint £20
Gel Removal £10
(Removal half price with a re application of gel, or with a
full manicure or pedicure)

Protect your nails, Grow your nails!
Protective nail shield under all gel polish and a natural nail strengthening system.

IBX Treatment £12
IBX Course of 6 Treatments £60
IBX Course of 10 Treatments £90



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